Social Media Workshop etc.

We had a fun day today – the ultimate silver surfers’ day. How can Social Media help authors to spread the word about their books. My forays into Twitter, Facebook Pages and Pinterest have certainly borne fruit over the last few months in terms of increased book sales. I was so excited last week to have reached the pinnacle of 6th in Amazon sellers of Australian Historical Fiction.

I spent last Thursday in Hull where one chapter of my new book is set. It was an exceptionally useful day thanks to the kind staff of Hull Central Library and the Maritime Museum. Also to the barman of a pub who lent me a copy of the Lost Pubs of Hull, while I drank my orange and soda. The chapter now needs to be rewritten completely in the light of new informhull-cityation, which I wouldn’t have had without going and doing the slog of walking the streets and talking to people.

Hull is the next City of Culture and the whole of the centre is being dug up. I am sure it will be wonderful when it’s finished but pity the poor shopkeepers of the city before Christmas.



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1 Response to Social Media Workshop etc.

  1. indigomember says:

    This particular silver surfer found your talk very interesting and hopes her silver hair won’t turn greyer in her attempts at social media…
    I’m sure that “walking the streets of Hull” (!?) really helped the words flow. Hopefully you might have thought of scenes or twists in the plot that might not have come to you had you not researched in situ. Looking forward to your next book.


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