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Special Offer

With all these Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays etc. I feel  have missed the boat, so I am offering Search for The Light for 99c from December 2nd- Dec 9th.  I will also be looking for beta readers for my next … Continue reading

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Historical Sounds

In writing, we are told we should use all 5 senses, sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Sound is probably one of my least used. So I’m going to try and put some resources together to force me to consider sound more. A … Continue reading

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Ranter’s Wharf – first edit

I have almost finished the first edit of my new book. The ending still needs work, but I have corrected and punctuated and reworked sentences. What is the next step? Get the story right before I start the next edit. I … Continue reading

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A Social Consience

I was reading someone else’s blog yesterday. It was an American writer who had experienced living in various places as a child. Her father was in the services. She thought it gave her a more rounded experience and it got … Continue reading

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