History Imagined

So today I have been writing a blog post for the site History Imagined. My post on Nora in Search for the Light will appear in early February. I am quite excited about this because the blog has over 10,000 followers, so I feel I need to up my game when it comes to blogging. Less introspection, more content.

The useful thing about this exercise is you have to interview your main character for the blog. The instructions contain a list of questions but you can include your own. I found that this makes you really hone in on your character and their motivations. You can include questions such as what are their strengths, weaknesses, their values, low points, high points etc. So now I mean to do it for my current book, which has three main characters and I wrote earlier that I needed to hear their voices better. This might help. What do you think?

I also wrote that it was going to be a shorter book. Oh no, it isn’t. 80,000 words now and more to do. But the end of the first draft is in sight.


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