Are things taking off or what?

Now I’m a member of Chindi I get to take part in lots of exciting things like a ghost tour of Chichester at Hallowe’en. I just have to write the ghost story. Another thing for my growing to do list.

I’m excited that the Digger’s Daughter is going to be reviewed in the next edition of Ingenue Magazine.

Also exciting is that I am beginning to sell my books in Australia. It’s taken a long time, perhaps my Facebook page had something to do with it, or it may have been last weekend’s free offer on Digger’s Daughter, which resulted in more sales for Search for the Light. I didn’t see that coming. Most likely it was the helpful advice to add a subtitle, “an Australian saga”. Anyway Search for the Light hit a rank of 22 in Australian historical fiction earlier this week.

Finally there were only a couple of days in the last month when someone wasn’t reading the books on Amazon prime. Smiley face!

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Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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One Response to Are things taking off or what?

  1. indigomember says:

    That is absolutely brilliant. Your hard work and forays into the mystifying world of Social Media (or just Social as the Italians translate it) is all paying off. Gold star! And,while I’m on things Italian, “go in the mouth of the wolf!!” And you are supposed to reply, “may the wolf die first!” (In bocca al lupo….crepi…) Italian lesson over! It is their colloquialism for good luck.


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