Using Sound

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could use sound as a novel feature, not just the describing of sound, but actual ones. I sometimes love to listen to Australian bird song, the magpie, for example. It’s so unlike a British bird but I remember coming out of Cairns airport last October and being hit by a wall of warbling birdsong at four in the morning. The  Australian magpie is under threat, numbers on the east coast having declined by 30% recently and no one knows why. It was seeing that report this morning that made me think what its song means to me and it is an instant, beautiful reminder of a country I have fallen in love with. But it is also the sound of the tropics, a sense of being bathed in a lovely warm bath with exotic flowers.

Another bird from New Zealand this time, is the Tui. I had a very rough day in Pahia, full of cold and a hacking cough, but the Tui outside my window cheered me up with his song. But how do you describe the idiosyncrasy of that song tuiwith its clicks and whistles in words? It’s so much better to hear it. Can you spot the flash of blue in the Tui’s wings amidst the flowers? He was a difficult bird to photograph.

What sounds pull at your heart strings and how do you describe them.



About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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