I have finished re-editing the Digger’s Daughter and it is now back up on Kindle and Create Space. That and trying to work my way through Scribophile has taken most of last week, so there’s been no progress on my new novel.

I did my first critique on Scribophile but I’m not sure that the author liked what I wrote although I was fairly effusive in the praise I gave for the good points. Looking at some of the editing by other people makes me feel that Scribophile could be really useful, but time consuming. Building up points so you can load your chapters into it demands that you edit other people’s work. Fair enough, but that all takes time and nerves.

On the other hand I read a piece last week, which talks about the value of professional editing for new, self-published authors, or not. Most indi authors will sell few books so they may be wasting money on an editor. Who needs editing?

I like the quote “A bad book can be turned into a beautifully written bad book. But a good story, even if the writing is not great, will still be more successful.” This brings me on to books which are bestsellers written by well known authors, which aren’t that good. I am sure we all know some.

So editing, yes, I know it’s necessary and valuable and I haven’t paid enough attention in the past. But is it worth paying for? What do you think?



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