Ranter’s Wharf

I think I have the title for my third book. I was doing some research yesterday, in between dozing in bed with a lousy cold and I came across a place I had never heard about in my home town. It was a bell going off in my head. Why would it be called Ranter’s Wharf? It could only be because the Ranters (Primitive Methodists) had held an outside meeting there. I checked on “My Primitive Methodist Ancestors” website and found that the wharf’s official name followed its nick name after the Ranters held services there from 1819. I have just finished writing where my hero has been converted to this new sect. Writing about religion is not easy and yet it was so important in the 19C. In its day Primitive Methodism was a huge change for good, helping to drag many people out of the mire of poverty. It led to the start of Trade Unionism and the rise of the Labour Party. As is with all good things come the unintended consequences, which will be the theme of the third part of my book.

Ranters Wharf


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  1. Angela Petch says:

    Great title – had me interested and curious before I’d even read your blog. It never ceases to amaze me where these ideas come to us from…hope your cold gets better soon.

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