A Road to Somewhere

I have been on a roll this week, 9000 words of Book 2. I hadn’t worked much of it out beforehand but that is one of the reasons I enjoy writing; the story comes from the characters. How would he or she react to this or that? If I write this, what will happen? How to I get from here to there?

It’s a bit like the tourist who asks for directions in Ireland and is told “Well I wouldn’t start from here.” Of course, sometimes it does not work out how you first envisaged. You take an altogether different path from the one you started out on, The Road Less Travelled, now there’s a possible title for my book. What do you think?

About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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One Response to A Road to Somewhere

  1. indigomember says:

    I think the “Road less travelled” has been used before. I agree with your point about the characters leading you sometimes in the story. But that also shows you are believing in them, living with them each day. Do you ever have conversations with them? I read somewhere it is good practice to invent situations that they have to deal with and then describe their conversations. Have you a picture of them in your head? I wonder how often we have a likeness of somebody we know? That could be embarrassing.
    Congratulations on your 9,000 words. Well done! Look forward to reading them when you are done and dusted!


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