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A Road to Somewhere

I have been on a roll this week, 9000 words of Book 2. I hadn’t worked much of it out beforehand but that is one of the reasons I enjoy writing; the story comes from the characters. How would he … Continue reading

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Old Grimsby

Back in medieval times Grimsby was an important port but when the port began to silt up it lost its raison d’etre and slowly began to lose its population. By¬†1790 the people who lived there numbered something between 900 and … Continue reading

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Poor Children

Just lately I have been following Michael Rosen (ex children’s laureate, poet. author and educationalist) on Facebook. He cares about reading and children and is furious about the new primary curriculum. The spelling, grammar and punctuation (otherwise known as Spag) … Continue reading

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April Showers

After a busy writing day on my next novel I took a break and went for a walk. This poem is dedicated to the uncertain weather in April; drenching rain one minute, sunshine the next. April Showers Wrapped-up tight against … Continue reading

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A Milestone

Wow! I have just completed the first draft of the first part of my third book; that’s 20,000 words done. I more or less know what the second part covers but am hazy on the third. Overall I am aiming … Continue reading

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