Work Rate

Oh dear! I have just worked out today that if I write 500 words every day I would finish the first draft of my latest novel in 20 weeks, but that is never going to happen. At best I can write for four days a week as there are always things that need to be done, people to visit and unexpected interruptions. Taking out a mimimum of three weeks away with no chance to write, I think I am looking at beyond next Christmas before the first draft is finished. I want to know how some authors manage to get a book out every year. Perhaps they don’t have elderly parents to visit or grandchildren to help look after. Of course these things are a joy and writing needs to fit around them, but at best I can look at a book every eighteen months and for this one even that is pushing it.

Now I must get back to reading and research.


About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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