Back to researching the next book

It’s time now to get back to my latest project, a book about my family for a change. Once again it takes me back to the early nineteenth century. I have written the first 10,000 words, which I am sure will be the easiest because now I have to weave in the story of the times. I have found a wonderful book by Jenny Uglow, In These Times; Living in Britain through Napoleon’s Wars 1793-1815. I can’t believe how much research she has packed into it and so readable.

I’m also planning a trip up north to my home town. Having left it 50 or so years ago and not seen it for ten years, I need to remind myself of the feel of the place. Unfortunately the town planners of the 60s and 70s destroyed so much but I hope the library will have some maps.

There is a wonderful facebook page on the history of Grimsby and Cleethorpes and occasionally they post a lovely old photo, which shows how it might have been in the 1850s. That’s still too late for my present needs. The photograph below is of Old Clee Farm around 1900. This was my 3 x great grandfather’s farm before it was sold and developed for housing and the Spider’s Web Pub.Old Clee Farm


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