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I have just learnt that the Australian Government are to cut funding for Trove. It is the most amazing resource bringing together newspapers, articles, photographs and documents and all free. I could never have written my first two books without … Continue reading

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Back to researching the next book

It’s time now to get back to my latest project, a book about my family for a change. Once again it takes me back to the early nineteenth century. I have written the first 10,000 words, which I am sure … Continue reading

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Those of us who like family history make a beeline for graveyards when visiting somewhere with a family connection. I particularly like Scottish ones as they list all the children too. But many is the time I have tramped around … Continue reading

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What would you least like to give up?

Following on from my last post, I have been thinking about what I would least like to give up. My first thought was reading and books but then I realised that in a home with no conveniences I was unlikely … Continue reading

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Living in a Tent or a Hut

For most of us in the Western world it is unimaginable to live in the conditions that were found on the goldfields. How would you cope bringing up a family in such conditions? And yet think of all those thousands … Continue reading

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Our ancestors fought so hard for the vote and now we can’t understand why it became such a fight. It seems obvious that there should be no taxation without representation. Indeed we are still fighting for 16 year olds to … Continue reading

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