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This week I am doing an experiment. I have a promotion on Amazon for my first book and it’s amazing how, after a year at £1.99 and selling a hundred copies, it has already been downloaded 66 times in the past 24 hours. People like a bargain. I just hope I get some positive reviews out of it and some sales of the second book. The way I look at it is that there’s no point in writing a book if no one is going to read it.

I don’t write for money but because it interests me and the family to see what their ancestors lived through. I don’t suppose they themselves would be thankful to have their troubles broadcast to the world but their great, great grandchildren are very interested.

I get consumed by the research and the stories. For me books have to tell a story and I know my limitations, description was never a strong point but plot, characters and story get me going. I just want my readers to enjoy the story and experience some of the trials and tribulations of the time.

Since I joined my writing group three years ago I am learning so much about point of view, show not tell and I know I am improving even if I never reach the heights of the novelists I love like Hilary Mantel, Sebastian Barry, Kate Atkinson and so many more.


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